9800GT problems (Cooling)

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Butcher1993, Mar 12, 2010.

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    I have a 9800GT. When I play graphic intensive games, the video card freezes or something, the screen goes black, monitor goes to sleep, but then it turns back on. The temperatures are insane, 240F. I have a 9850 AMD P4 Quad Core, 2.5GHz, Two power supplies. I put an extra one JUST for the video card, since I thought it might not be getting enough power. But a 500Wt power supply just for the video card, nothing else, should be enough. I jerry rigged it btw, I have to manually turn on the power supply for the video card before the regular PC power button. I have a huge 250MM fan blowing fresh air in, I have a PCI slot fan below the video card blowing hot air out the back. And yet, this is not enough.
    O almost forgot, nothing is overclocked. In fact, I have the video card underclocked.

    Please tell me what the problem is? I have it in a well ventilated area out in the open, I have tried everything. =( please help.

    LOL, this is kind of funny. When I lived in Nevada (hot hellhole), and had the same cooling, nothing happened. But now that i live in northern colorado (cold hellhole), its overheating..

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