atapi 52X cd rom & richo cdr/rw

Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by gumdigger, Jul 13, 2002.

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    i have atapi 52x cd rom and richo mp763a cd writer , i started my computer 2day, i went to see wants in the cd rom , icouldnt see the cd rom icons in "my computer" neither in windows explorer . the bios detects both drive in bios setup.
    i tryed re-installing both drives by going to systems in control panel and in ad/remove hardware from control panel

    i un installl the drivers and then re-start
    after re-starting it goes "new hardware found RICHO cd rom"
    and then it goes win2000 has finished installing the drivers for ..... and it needs to re-start windows
    i inserted a bootable cd in the drive. it boots

    why cant i see the icons

    ohhh yeh i use win2k wiith nero burning software for my richo
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    Sounds like Win2k isn't assigning a drive letter for that drive.
    You can make it have a drive letter however.

    I'm using Windows XP Pro here, but Win2k is very similar and this should work.

    Right click on 'My Computer' and select Manage. You should get a box about computer management to come up. Toward the bottom of the list on the left-hand pane, there is a section called 'Storage' and at the bottom of that is 'Disk Management'. If that doesn't show up, you can expand 'Storage' to view this option.

    Here you can see all physical drives on your Computer, even ones without a drive letter assigned. You can change or assign a drive letter by right-clicking on the drive or partition you want and selecting "Change Drive Letter".

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