Computer Won't Turn On After "usb Power Surge" Alert

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    Hello, sorry if I put this in the wrong section, I'm new to all of this as I've never had anything wrong with my pc. I don't really know much about them either and I've tried everything I can. I turned my pc on today, everything was working fine, I got up really fast not realizing my usb port to my phone was on the floor, it ripped out of the pc and ripped the plastic peice out of the port, after that a message came up about a usb powe surge usb required too much power or something like that, my keyboard and mouse wouldn't work, however my pc was running fine still. I hit the power button and it shut off (I didn't hold the power button, just clicked it) and now it won't turn on at all. The breakers aren't tripped, the cords are all connected tight, I tried unplugging the power supply and holding the powe button, I don't know what else to do. Thank you in advance guys, I'm really scared I lost everything.
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    Is it on the motherboard I/O panel (rear of the PC)? Or is it on the front?
    If it's on the motherboard, something is probably shorted, and could mean the motherboard needs replaced.

    If it's on the front, it's likely just connected to a header. What you'll need to do is find the header connected to the front panel and disconnect it from the motherboard. It should be a 10-pin block. Just disconnect it with the power cord unplugged, then plug the power cord back in and try starting the PC.

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