Cpu Underclock, Why?

Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by toniann, Apr 17, 2017 at 10:05 PM.

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    Hello, it's first time when I post in this forum, sorry for my English, I'm Romanian.
    I overclocked my Pentium E2200 dual 2.2gHz at 2.8 gHz two months ago. Works perfectly ! After two months, I unplugged my pc (while it s off) because my cousin puts the hand into the pc, and it s dangerous. After I plugged it, BIOS shows processor frequency 2.2gHz, but when pc was on desktop I verified HWMonitor and frequency is 1.2gHz. I changed the battery, same problem. I tried and I tried a lot, nothing works.
    My pc works like a.... why it s underclocked?
    motherboard: p5l-mx
    OS: windows 10 x64
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    Put some load on CPU and frequency will rise.

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