Dell Inspiron 1720 Won't Start

Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by LMM, May 7, 2010.

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    I've got a Dell Inspiron 1720, running Vista. It's a few years old, and until now, it's been problem-free.

    The other night, while my partner was using it, it seemed to die. I didn't see the sequence of events, so I'm not entirely sure what happened, but now, when I press the power button, absolutely nothing happens.

    But (there's always a "but", right?), this is one of those Dells with that useless (to me, anyway) Dell Media Direct things, which allows the user to play movies and stuff without going to Windows.

    When I press the start button for Dell Media Direct (it has its own power button), Dell Media Direct starts up just fine. But I cannot get the computer to boot to Windows.

    Any thoughts very much appreciated -- I need this computer, and there's important stuff on the drive (I know, I should have backed up).

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    Try to take out the battery, and just try using the power supply to see what happens, Could be a bad battery..

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