"English Defense League"

Discussion in 'The War Zone' started by Swansen, Jun 8, 2010.

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    i know there is a nationalist type movement going around the UK, but i didn't realize it was on a level like that. Thats pretty intense, anyone have any encounters with this type of stuff?
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    I've heard of this, too. Quite frightening. But, you know, it's the same as looking at the far right activists and/or the far left activists here in the Baltic States - there's usually a charismatic leader (or a small group of them) and a whole bunch of not-so-bright dudes getting shi*faced, running around and shouting about stuff they don't really understand.

    I mean, England is a part of the UK, which, in turn was, at its time, incorporating so many different cultures - how can you have (and want) a big, powerful nation without listening to other cultures?

    Sure thing, we've got to be vigilante toward terrorism, but that's what the government already does - holding potential threats at bay, without causing racial/religion-based hate (well, for the most part, anyway :D ).

    My point is - these kind of movements are just as violent as any would-be terrorist, except, these dudes are half-drunk for most of the time :D
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    The EDL is a extremely violent offshoot of the British National Party and both are very sad people.

    Thugs just looking for a fight and amoeba's have more intelligence.

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