Fujifilm FinePix A340 (point and shoot camera)

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by stinkfing3r, May 2, 2005.

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    Fujifilm FinePix A340


    Price: $179.99 @ www.amazon.com

    4.0 Mega Pixels
    1.7x Digital Zoom
    3x Optical Zoom
    Sliding on/off Lens Cover Activates Camera
    Storage media - xD-Picture Card (16MB to 512MB)
    1.5in LCD Screen.


    I actually bought a 2mp camera about 2 years before i had got this one. I took the 2mp with me to kuwait/iraq and it withstood the entire time i was out there. a few months after i was home the 2mp started malfunctioning so i took it back to the store. They replaced it with the A340!

    The camera takes very clear pictures. You have the ability to adjust the quality of the images to save space on your memory card. But even at the highest quality i am able to take 30 pictures on the 16mb card that came with the camera.

    Connecting this camera to your computer is the easiest there is. Plug one end of the cord provided to you into the camera, the other into your computer. Takes about 5 seconds then your computer recognizes it and you have a folder in "My Computer" with all the pictures on your camera in it. Now this is the actual memory card your view so you need to click and drag the ones you want into a folder on your desktop. But its very simple.

    The menu's and buttons are all simple and self explanatory. All very simple in nature and easy to understand.

    The only gripe i have with the camera is battery usage.. if you have the camera plugged into your computer it will drain the battery.. Even if you forget about it. And general usage the battery life is fairly short. I purchased 2 sets of AA rechargable batteries and a charger for 14 dollars and solved the high cost problem of batteries.

    All in all this is a great camera to carry around with you on vacation or to work or where ever you are going. Its small size and good clear pictures make it a nice asset to my collection.

    I give this product 4 out of 5 stars. Only deduction was battery usage.
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    Great,, ill consider it when buying my new digi cam

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