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    I am facing problem in locating address using Google Maps on the Android device’. How to fix the issue?

    Google Maps to find the locations minutely with the help of active internet connectivity. Now it might happen that Google Maps is not working on the Android phone due to some undue trouble. Make sure that there is no issue with the Maps in the device and for that do some common troubleshooting. This article will describe those troubleshooting steps and for better assistance take help from support team.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps to fix the Google Maps problem on the Android phone –

    Calibrate the Compass

    Calibrating the compass is helpful when the blue dot’s beam is wide or pointing in the wrong direction. Follow the steps –
    • Open the Google Maps app on the phone.
    • To calibrate the mobile move it in the direction as representing the digit ‘8’. Do this few times.
    • The beam will become narrow and will start pointing in the right direction.
    Turn on high-accuracy mode

    • For this click on the settings app on your Android phone.
    • Next tap on ‘Location’.
    • Switch on the location at the top and tap on ‘Mode’.
    • Choose the option of ‘High accuracy’ next.
    Turning on the Wi-Fi and restarting the phone are the other ways to fix the issue. Dial Google Map customer service number for assistance. Support experts are the best professionals to fix troubles with Google Map. The trained professionals are directing useful steps to solve your concerns related to maps.

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