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Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by HCBatNHS, Aug 24, 2009.

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    The network I look after is no more than 50 PC's & about 30-35 of those are connected at any one time. There is no backbone. It's all cat5 to a Krone point in the middle of the building.
    Switches are HP2650 48 ports 2 of which are 1Gb the other 46 being auto sensing from 10/100/1000Mbps. A 24 port auto-sensing HP1800 switch lightly populated & another 24 port HP 2510 managed switch again auto-sensing. Both these latter 2 are supposed to have ports that go up to 1Gbps. The servers are all (4) connected to the HP2510.
    One of the applications we use has a feature that allows you to identify what that specific PC is currently connecting at. I'd like something else to compare against so as to have a little independent info.
    My reasons are that the worst connectivity b/w available is around 8Mbps & the best is 140Mbps. I am expecting too much? Shouldn't I be getting better throughput than this. I'd expect the figures to be between 50Mbps (for the PC's with 10-100Mbps NIC) & 200+Mbps for the 100-1Gbps NIC.
    Anyone have any favourite b/w freeware tools they can point me to?

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