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Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by Big B, Mar 5, 2004.

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    If you've been following the lawsuit farce involving [H]ard|OCP and Infinium Labs, you'll know that it's pretty much a joke.

    Recently, Infinium Labs saw stuff they didn't like in an article published on the [H] last year during August. Again, just within the past month have IL complained. This is ignoring the fact that Kyle Bennet, owner of [H]ard|OCP, had extended the opportunity for IL to correct any infomation.

    IL didn't like what Kyle did and threatened suit against him if he didn't change some of the info about the Phantom console and Infinium Labs itself. Most of what they finally got around to saying they wanted changed was not found in the article in question.

    Kyle has gone ahead and filed a lawsuit against IL to get them off his back.

    Folks, in short what this comes down to is that IL currently does not have a working prototype that anyone, except maybe IL employees---if it exists, has seen. All Kyle did was question the validity and ethics of IL and the Phantom console.

    IL founder Tim Roberts also has a shady past which included helping MCI/Worldcom (down the toilet). I feel sorry for the investors he's reeled into this and has not produced anything, except for hype and lawsuits against people who have shed anything but a favorable light on the Phantom console.
    Questions and comments that IL doesn't like have convienently disappeared from IL's message board.

    The only thing I can think of remotely similar to this laughable product is Duke Nukem Forever---which has been in development for years. But hey, at least DNF's developers haven't sued people so far.
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    We might have to add HL2 to that list before long !
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    Ahh, you forgot about the infamous Diakatana! :ill:

    Speaking of Infinium, have you guys seen this? Or this?

    ...and let's not forget this one either.

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