Manual Testing Machine Configuration Details

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    To check the computer configuration (CPU, RAM, graphics card, operating system version, ...) on Windows XP, 7 and 8, there are many ways, but in this tutorial I introduce to you how effective Best:

    Using the tools available on Windows: no need to install software, view these parameters: the operating system version (OS), computer name, CPU, RAM.
    Using the tools available on Windows

    Windows comes with a tool called the DirectX Diagnostic Tool allows you to see how the parameters of the OS you are using, RAM, CPU, computer name, information, video card, sound card, ... To open this tool first you press Windows + R to open the Run window, then you enter dxdiag and select OK.

    A new window pops up includes multiple tab as: System, Display, Render, Sound, Input. Here we only use the System tab to view information for the other tab with or without a computer, depending on the configuration and the driver has been fully installed or not. Especially if so Tab Render demonstrate your PC video card is installed left and Driver (if not already installed video card drivers still do not see this tab).

    Computer name (Computer Name): This is the arbitrary name given when Windows should not matter.
    OS versions (operationg System):
    PC version (System Model):
    CPU (Processor):
    RAM (Memory):

    If you find useful information to share with people on social networking site Facebook, have fun.

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