Noobie Question: Titan X Cables

Discussion in 'Video Cards, Displays and TV Tuners' started by SirDeity1234, Nov 9, 2015.

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    My power supply came with a number of power cables. 4 of the cables are "VGA" cables, with one end having a solid 8 pin connector and the other end having a 6 pin connector with a 2 pin connector on the same end (essentially splitting the connector for some reason).

    I connected the 8-pin side to the Titan X and the opposite end 6+2 pin split connector on the PSU. However, my Titan X still has a 6-pin port available next to where the 8-pin connector is connected. I'm curious, if the card interfaces with the motherboard via the PCI-E slot, and the 8-pin connector cable is providing power from the PSU, then what purpose does the remaining 6-pin port serve? What am I supposed to use here? The image below suggests both cables go the power supply? If this is the case, why have a 6-pin AND a separate 8-pin connector cable both providing power to the video card? If that many pins are necessary, wouldn't it make more sense for it to be a single 14 pin connector cable?

    Picture of Titan X connections

    Also, I'm sure this question has been asked before, but while I'm on the subject, can anyone confirm connecting only one SLI bridge is all that is required for 2-way SLI? Are there pros or cons associated with using two bridges on 2-way SLI? I'm thinking the second bridge port on each card is probably for connecting 3-way SLI or greater, but I'm wondering if it can hurt anything to use up both bridges with only a 2-way SLI setup. Redundancy? Handy storage of extra bridge strap? Please share your knowledge.
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    Yes, you put both 8 AND 6 pin connectors to card. PCI Express card slot supplies 75W, 8 pin connector 150W and 6 pin connector 75W. Card wants more than 225W, so 6+8 pin is needed.

    One 2-way SLI is all that is needed fort 2 cards SLI yes. That "second" bridge would be useless IMO.

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