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    i have an old eMachine PC, which are well known to have had bad PSUs & bad remote power switches on the front panel, it is an ATX case, but not just any switch will do, as, the switch closes its contacts to turn the system on and close its contact permanently if you hold the power button in, i've obviously replaced the PSU ages ago, but, now the power switch is no longer clicking when you press it, so, its obviously knacked / on its way out, and needs replacing

    so, to my question: where the :swear: do you buy remote front panel ATX power switches ?

    years ago i would have got 1 from Tandy (Radio Shack in US) but, they were taken over by Carphone Warehouse
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    They're momentary push button switches, so that's what to look for in general. I don't know of any other group besides Radio Shack/Tandy off-hand, but I'm sure they're are. You might see if the local shops know of any electronics parts dealers in the area as well as look up the number in a phonebook.

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