Sooo...who's got FarCry?

Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by Big B, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Big B

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    Just got my copy today. I guess us North American folks have the 5 CD set, whereas the Euro crowd get's the 1 DVD version.

    I didn't get through the demo, but it blew my mind. God knows when Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 will be available, let alone see a playable demo (that we can download).

    I've been reading how it's taking well over 20 hours to get through---something I want. With my work schedual and training, I expect it'll take me awhile to get thorough. :chk: Excellent.
  2. Sniper

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    I played to demo, was quite impressed :) my little bro managed to complete the demo levels, I will prob get it later on, currently playing Halo on the xbox and Call Of Duty for the PC.
  3. harrack52

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    There's too many things I want right now so I'm not sure if I'm getting it.

    GT4 comes out on ps2 this month, I want a new screen and a cable connection so...

    Right now I play Athena Sword whenever I get the chance so I think cable is the way to go :good:

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