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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ramforum, Oct 27, 2003.

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    i have a doubt in hardware can anybody help?

    One fine day my computer didn't boot and there was no post.There was no beep sound and the monitor LED was blinking slowly.I called up hardware techies.After a lot of time and frustrations I got my computer back ,but now the problem persists. I can boot if my battery is reseated.i have to reseat my battery everytime to reboot

    There is no problem when i restart the computer

    But when I switch it off and switch it on its not booting

    My computers specifications
    Celeron 766Mhx
    Via chipset motherboard
    128mb Ram
    Operating system:windows 2000 professional

    It has been close to 21/2 years since I bought this computer
    Advanced Thanks for your help.
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    Sounds like the CMOS battery or power supply might be going bad just guessing. If you go through what you've been doing with the case open and the CPU fan spins when the machine is turned on, that's a good sign that it's likely the PSU as well.

    But, try the cheaper thing first, which would be replacing the CMOS battery.
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    If you're not sure of what you need, bring the battery to the store with you to make sure you get exactly what your board needs.

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