The Exciting Blockchain Conference And Many Attendees

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    An excellent and essential platform for large businesses today is the blockchain. With the amount of data and complexity in transactions that need absolute security, blockchain is the perfect solution to replace the old technology.

    Currently, the Infinity blockchain labs have brought this wonderful technology to Vietnam. By organizing market conferences to share knowledge as well as development or strategic opportunities for businesses.
    Most of the IBL's blockchain competitions or conferences are attended by a growing number of young people who love technology and business people in large businesses.

    See a brief summary of the blockchain conference in Vietnam offline.

    Pre-conference event started with the speech by Roger Ver — arguably the most famous Bitcoin evangelist so far. By demonstrating swift Bitcoin transaction on the spot and addressing questions from audience on pragmatic application of Bitcoin in real life transactions, Roger immediately drew people’s attraction towards the potentials of Blockchain and Bitcoin in the future.

    Consequently, Simon Dixon and Anson Zeall helped the audience to visualize perspective disruption of blockchain technology to spearheading industries of the world such as transfer services and investment and financial services. The perspective scope, products and services of blockchain to these industries have been put down to number with actual case studies from a number of successful Bitcoin and blockchain startups, which further positive perspective from the plenary for blockchain and bitcoin technology.

    CARDANO Lab (CL) team have taken the stage for the next hour starting with video message from Charles Hoskinson — ex-CEO of Ethereum and CEO of IOHK. Widely heralded for his contribution to the Ethereum and blockchain community, Charles expressed his honor to talk with Vietnamese audience and positive remarks on Vietnam’s economy perspective plus he also introduced impressive project lineup of CL team. Throughout the next presentation by Junya Yamamoto — COO and Nicole Nguyen — Marketing Team Representative of CL, the audience was briefly introduced about the context, features as well as perspective challenges to blockchain development.

    Check out the details of this fascinating conference here. and blockchain competitions or other conferences take place. You can also update the latest news on blockchain daily at the link above. The second paragraph

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