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    I have a Dell workstation 490 that has 2 duel core CPU's on the mother board. The computer came with a 750W power supply (model N750P-00) that has two 24pin ATX cables required to run this computer. I'm upgrading the graphics card however and recently purchased a GeForce 670 FTW.

    This card requires 2 PCI-E power connectors (my stock PSU only supplies one) and I think it demands more power than my current PSU provides (current 18amps required 30amps minimum)

    I thought this would be a simple issue and went to Frys to buy a PSU with two 24 pin ATX connectors and the power I needed. They don't have any. So I came home and started looking around online for a PSU that would work. I can't find one. I called Dell, they don't have one.

    so, what can I do? I'm running out of ideas. I was thinking about a small supplementary power supply like the boosterX5 but it is 450w and my GPU says it required a minimum of 500w. The booster might work still work however since it would not need to share power with the rest of the computer. I also need something that that will fit into one of my computer's device bays because space is getting a bit tight. I don't have much room in my case and adding a full secondary power supply is probably not possible.

    maybe a the most cost effective solution would simply be to purchase a regular power supply and use a cable like this:


    to branch the power from the PSU to the two ATX connectors on the mother board?

    thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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