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Discussion in 'Concert Hall' started by sabashuali, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Thought I will share this one. It was sent to me so here goes -
    מבזקון - קטעי ויד×ו | 2000 ×©×™×¨×™× ×©×œ כל ×”×–×ž× ×™×

    Sorry if it look like goble-di-gook, I think it is because it might be in Hebrew..... the link is safe!

    Really not sure what the idea behind this but hey - where else will you find ABBA's - "The Day Before You Came" along side Hendrix's "hey Joe"?

    Some truly awsom oldies and some seriously naff ones....

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    A lot of great songs there. Think Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight is great.

    The playlist is from Project Playlist, someone's just put a load of songs onto one.

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