790i ok for 1600MHz RAM?

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    Hi, Im buying a 790i and having doubts it already, according to the specs it supports 1600 ram, but the small print for 1600+ speeds say "Overclocked". anything below 1600 it says is ok (no small print) - ie, 800, 1333, etc

    Back of box

    does that mean it doesnt take 1600mhz ram then?

    thanks for your help
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    I'm not sure about this but as far as I know, it will support up to 2000MHz but not if all slots are filled in... what the (O.C.) might mean is that if you have say 2000, 1800 or 1600 MHz in all four slots (790i has four slots as far as I know) at once then to get full speed you would need to overclock. Again, I'm not sure but either way here's a link to thea bundle with the XFX model 790i at TigerDirect (see below) you'll note that it comes with 2gb of DDR3 @ 2000MHz (that's why I posted the link to the bundle and not just the board) ... also if you scroll down there's a video during which the commentator talks about the memory being able to go up to 2000MHz but having a lower maximum when all four slots are in use

    link--> XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI Motherboard CPU Bundle - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor 2.66GHz OEM, OCZ SLI 2048MB PC16000 DDR3 2000MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB) in Canada at TigerDirect.ca

    hope this helps :)

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