Abit AA8 DuraMAX

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    If you're looking for the top of the line, brand-spankin' new Intel power, the i925X is your answer. PC Perspective gives Abit's i925X entry, the AA8 DuraMAX, a spin.

    Besides the physical features that we mentioned above, the Abit AA8 DuraMAX continues Abit's success in the world of BIOS design. They have included nearly everything you could ask for in a BIOS geared towards the overclockers and tweakers alike that want to adjust as many things as possible to get the most out of the components in their system. Coupled with the uGuru Windows software that can be used to overclock, monitor your system, and flash your BIOS, Abit has a great all-around package for the end user.

    I think they liked it. If that doesn't give it away, it did come out with an Editor's Choice. Anyway, check it out, especially if you're looking to put together a new Intel system.

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