Add Another 780 For Sli Or Go For 980 With The Intention Of Sliing In The Future?

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    I currently own a GTX 780 3GB superclocked and am considering purchasing an additional GTX 780 and SLIing or selling my 780 and buying a 980 with the intention of then adding another 980 in a couple years (Or even the 980ti if you think it would be worth it in the long run). My goal for my computer is to run current and near-future games at high settings around 60fps on the Oculus Rift. Although we do not have the official specs of the Rift, it is rumored that the panels will be 1440p, but they could be slightly higher. There is also Windows 10 and Directx 12 to consider. The 980 supports all Directx 12 features and will benefit fully from its release, while older cards, such as my 780, will only receive some of the features and benefits. If I were to SLI 780s,I do not want to have to sell them both in 2 or so years just to then buy the newest graphics card. I do understand that future-proofing isn't real but I would like to get a good 3ish years out of my upgraded system before having to upgrade my entire graphics setup again. Considering that I wish to only use this for the oculus rift, the software and game demand side would be the only thing increasing every year.

    So, the big question is for the oculus rift (1440p panel), should I buy another GTX 780 and SLI, or buy a 980 or even 980ti with the intention of SLIing in the future once the graphical demand catches up? All while considering differences such as Directx 12.

    Thank you so much, I do understand this is a difficult question to answer but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Joey Martin
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