Alien vs. Predator 2 Update

Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by syngod, Nov 2, 2001.

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    Fox/Monolith have released a patch for Aliens vs Predator 2. This upgrades the game, which just hit store shelves, to v1092.

    What's new:

    -Fixed the crash bug on the Join screen.
    - Added a "[D]" to the end of server names that are dedicated...
    - Added player rename functionality mid-game (ie. ' Spanky')
    - Added PageUp and PageDown support to the server list.
    - Added mouse wheel support to the server list.
    - Added double click join support to the server list.
    - Fixed a couple of bugs that could cause long waiting times on the server list menu.
    - Made it so you can hit Escape to cancel an Internet server list refresh.
    - Fixed a problem causing the Alien tail to get stuck in the charged position.
    - Fixed it so hitting the reload button after firing a pulse rifle grenade will cause the bullets to reload; previously it did nothing.
    - Fixed a problem with pickup objects that give you multiple ammo types.
    - Fixed a bug when opening the weapon chooser during a charged weapon attack.
    - Chestbursting from a Corporate player now results in a Runner Alien.
    - Chat messages are now hidden while the weapon chooser is open (mainly for Predators).

    Get the patch here.
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    Excellent, informative post.Unfortunatley I do not follow the Alien vs Predator series.Keep it up!

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