AM2 Officially Unveiled, Reviews Within

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    Well, AM2 is out of the gate. Here's a snippet from Hot Hardware:

    What AMD has accomplished today is indicative of the evolution and migration of an architecture, that will pave the way for future performance and enhancements. The move to DDR2 memory was inevitable and as future Athlon core architectures evolve, the company will have much needed bandwidth to service ever-hungry dual core processor pipelines. Frankly, in some spots we were hoping for better performance from AM2 but in the back of our minds we suspected this may not be the case. Regardless, you simply cannot take away the fact the new Athlon 64 FX-62 and Athlon 64 X2 5000+ are two of the fastest processors money can buy for the PC right now; and the former is easily the fastest desktop chip on the market at the moment. Speaking of which, here's a run-down on new pricing that will launch with these processors today.

    So far the reviews are at:
    PC Perspective
    Hot Hardware
    the Tech Report
    X-bit Labs

    Two more that popped up:


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