Another possible power supply failure? Recommend a new one?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by DanMumford, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, new to the site and wondered if anyone could help me out with a possible power supply problem?

    My computer has been working fine up until saturday morning when it just wouldn't turn on at all, it's a medion computer, we have been having problems with the power button getting stuck so at first I thought it may be that, but from a searche online most websites say the first problem is usually the power supply...

    The PSU is by FSP Group - Fortron/Source, Model No: FSP400-60MDN

    I have no idea about certain types of computer hardware and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a suitable replacement?

    Here's a picture of the details from the side of the PSU...


    Thanks, Dan!
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    Seems like it, unless you happened to forget to flip the switch on the PSU itself or plug it in, but those are about the only two things I could think of with that.

    I suppose the power button sticking could cause a problem, but even then, if your system is getting some juice, you'd at least see some signs of life like some fans attempting to spin up. You can rule it out by using a flat-headed screwdriver to temporarily short the power jumper lead on the front panel connectors on the motherboard.

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