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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Exfoliate, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Okay I'm back at looking for quality overclocking psu's if there is such a thing. First of all what are the advantages of dual 12v? Is it doubled or something so if you have 2 18v rails you get like 36v or something?
    I like the looks of this one: great specs and features at least.
    People have been telling me that Aspire, and CoolMax were junky so I'll probably steer clear of them. But any <$80 would be nice. I know Thermaltake is good but they don't have very impressiver amps on the rails however:(
    ePower has very impressive specs but the name alone causes major doubt in my mind. What about AeroCool, Antec, or FSP Group (Fortron Source), people at the OC forums are raving about the ax500 Fortron I think it was. Any thoughts would really help me:)
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    I think the idea behind dual rails is that because voltage drops the further you go if you chain your components with y splitters, you can use dual rails at each 18A or whatever to balance the components. That way voltage doesn't drop too much as each rail has its own 12v instead of one 12v with 36A. Might be wrong.
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