anyone help please(maxtor ext hd 5oogb)

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by mitch96, Aug 21, 2009.

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    first of all i must say thank you for welcoming me into the forum:)
    my problem is that whilst away on holiday my flat was broken into my pc stolen and external dvd/rw i use with my laptop the said person took 2 power supplies from my flat as he didnt know which one was for the ext dvd?rw and the maxtor 500gb external hard drive so im left with no power supply for it(maxtor ext hd) they caught the person involved but refuses to say where or who did he sell it to:x:it leaves me in a dilemma as it has all my college work back up files etc etc im wondering if anyone knew or knows where i can purchase a new power supply for the above mentioned(grey coloured hard drive)if not all my 3 years work is down the swanny any feedback would be deeply appreciated:)
    p.s thank god i had my laptop with me(but i think that is why i was targeted)obviously he thought the dvd rw was a mini dvd player lol and didnt have a clue what the hard drive was
    once again any feedback would be greatfully appreciated

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