ATi Radeon X800 Series Roundup

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    [H]ard|OCP has seven X800 line cards from Asus, MSI, Sapphire, and Visiontek in both PCIe and AGP formats.

    For those that are building a fast PCI-Express system and are looking at high-end 3D video performance, the X800 XT-based cards are a great deal because we achieved essentially the same playable settings in the we tested. Alternatively, if you want the absolute best, consider the X800 XT PEs. The X800 PROs are an even better deal, since they are cheaper, and with overclocking you can achieve improved performance. All the cards we tested here were retail samples, and what is going to be most important about all of this is actual availability of these cards. The X800 XT PEs are hard to find. If you do find them, they are typically much more expensive then you thought they’d be. The X800 PROs are more readily available, but even then you have to look around. The bottom line is all about availability with these cards right now. After you find the performance level of card you want and the specific video card you desire, you may find yourself doing a little digging to find a good deal on it.

    Looking for a fast new video card? Then you probably should check out this roundup.

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