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Which monitor do you recommend for top-end 4K gaming?

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  1. BenQ BL2711U

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  2. Asus PA328Q

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  3. Other (Please Post to Specify...)

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    Good Afternoon Gentlemen!

    I'm trying to decide which 4K monitor would be best for an all-around gaming PC. It will occasionally be used for watching movies. Only roughly 30% of my gaming is in first-person shooters, so 144Hz refresh rate isn't essential. I think IPS panel for color depth, with low response time (lower the better), would be better. I also can't go any smaller than a 27" screen. This will be used for a single monitor setup.

    The two monitors I'm currently considering are the Asus PA328Q and the BenQ BL2711U. The Asus on paper has superior overall performance specifications, but this monitor is geared more toward professional photoshop editing and artwork. I don't know if these performance specifications will translate to superior gaming. The BenQ is about half the cost, and has a 2ms faster response rate, but is 5" smaller and has a 5x smaller contrast ratio.

    What are your informed recommendations based on best performance for multi-genre gaming?

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