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    Hi all. I have a printer issue at work which is driving me potty. There are other issues with other printers, but if I can crack this one, I think I'll be on my way to solving the others.
    I work in a Doctors practice. We use a number of Brother 5140 printers. They are not connected to the network but connected to a PC and shared.
    Because of the need to use two types of paper, the printers have two trays. Tray1 holds prescriptions (near A5 LS size) and Tray 2 holds A4 plain paper. Their are two printer queues (called scripts & reports respectively) and the only differences are the tray that is accessed. Despite having set these up in Windows (2K) and tested them as working correctly, after differing periods of time the application that prints these docs, finishes up using the wrong tray.
    The application is set up correctly to use the right queue for the particular paper tray.
    Other applications such as Word & Excel also have access to this printer.
    All users have workstation admin rights, because the main clinical app insists on updating the registry at startup.
    So I fix a situation and get everything working OK. Then either a few hours/day elapse and we get printing to the wrong tray again.
    Now in general terms it does suggest that something is changing the settings. I don't think it's a user directly, but I'm thinking that maybe when using say Excel and they select a printer that this may be the catlyst for changing things. I've even considered setting up additional queues so that they select those for non clinical app usage.
    Any ides would be terrific.
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    I'd keep track of which ones are having trouble and when. Find out if it's all or just a select few. If it's a select few, see about tracking who uses those systems.

    What I'm theorizing is someone may be toying with those settings, and keeping a long, while a long way to go about it might help determining if this is a factor or not.

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