Busted PSU?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Greyhound, Oct 3, 2010.

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    I have two PCs. Every time I try to boot PC A, the CPU+GPU+PSU coolers start for a second then everything stops. The only way to start it again is by disconnecting/turning off the PSU. At first I thought that it was a PSU problem so I tried connecting the PSU from PC B to the PC A. It booted up just fine. Then I tried connecting the supposedly busted PSU, PSU A, to motherboard B and, surprise surprise, it worked just fine. So PSU A + Mobo B = OK. PSU B + Mobo A = OK. PSU A + Mobo A = fail. So for all intents and purposes all parts are working just fine, except when PSU A and motherboard A are connected.
    I've also tried clearing CMOS and removing the battery on PC A. That didn't help.
    Any idea what's happening and how to fix it? Switching PSUs isn't really an option since PC A is a friend's :).
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    Welcome to HWF :)

    Is it a new build, or did it work fine before?
    Do you know the brand and model of each PSU and Motherboard?

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