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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by MrChris, Feb 18, 2005.

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    i am sorry if there is already a thread about this but i do not know which power supply to get for my new computer

    currently i have a 350watt psu but i do not think this will run my new pc which will be:

    Athlon 64 3500+
    msi k8n diamond motherboard
    1024mb oem elixir pc3200 ram (400)
    western digital 120gb hard drive
    asus dvd drive
    floppy drive
    sparkly geforce 6600gt gcard

    any thought or recommendations you may have are welcome and please ask for any more information if you need it...
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    Yea a 350W is definately not enough for that.
    Antex do some good PSUs, for a system like that I'd go for no less than 450W.
    B or PX might have some specific recommendations.
  3. ProcalX

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    Unless the power supply you have is made by Seasonic then no i highly doubt your powersupply will provide enough power to enable a stable healthy system.

    As for a powersupply, its not a need for "Wattage" but "Amperage", On each Voltage Rail (+5/-5 +12/-12 +3.3 e.t.c) a powersupply will supply "upto" a certain amount of "Amps" this is what effects the power.. not the advertised "wattage".

    For instance i brought a 600W Generic Powersupply (it cost me £25) then i brought an Antec 350W powersupply, and the 350W powersupply provided more "Amps" than my cheap bad quality 600W powersupply..

    I would recommend anything advertised as over 420Watts from these manufacturers:

    Seasonic make Extremely good powersupplies, i have an Artic Silentinium T2 case, which comes with a 350Watt Seasonic powersupply, and its such high quality with such high amps that it will run a Pentium 4 3.6Ghz / 6800Ultra / 1GB Ram / 200GB HDD with all the extras perfectly.

    Personally i would either go for an:
    Enermax NoiseTaker 420/480/550 powersupply
    or a:
    ThermalTake PurePower 420/480/560 Powersupply

    (these are the two manufacturers that you'll get the most quality/silence/performance for your money)

    If you brought from any of these manufacturers you would be being silly really if you brought a powersupply over 500Watts - you'll never use it not for a good couple of years any how.
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    i would go for a goodmake as they last longer and supply the correct power stated. also if u have got a modded pc you can get sum that light up which look pretty fancy. Dave :good:

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