Can't enter setup after clearing cmos and changing jumpeer settings

Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by moragp, Nov 7, 2003.

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    I have a pc chip m825lu motherboard with a athlon 1900 xp+ processor and 256mb sdram 133mhz.When I have the jumper settings set to 133mhz my processor only runs at 1200mhz so I cleared the cmos and changed the jumper to 100mhz.When I go now to boot up and press f1 to get into setup it just freezes at different points and when I press f2 to load defualt settings i get one long beep.I fitted this motherboard for a friend last week and changed the jumper no bother.It does come up now when first put on as an athlon 1900 xp+ but I cant get any further.Has anyone any suggestions?Could it be my memory type?It is a brand new system and new memory too.Thanks for any help Much appreciated
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    PC Chips boards are very... well, very 'not good'. They are sometimes pretty inflexible about combinations of RAM and FSB speeds. Really, to get the max performance out of that Athlon XP, you should be running PC266 or better. That way, the RAM clocks can match or exceed the FSB. If you want to see what PC Chips has to say about the issue, you might want to hit this link:

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