Chaintech GeForce 6600GT AGP

Discussion in 'News and Article Comments' started by Big B, Dec 16, 2004.

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    Legion Hardware has a review of a GeForce 6600GT AGP video card that has two things I like: it's my favorite color (blue), and it's got a single slot design...oh, I guess I like the third part about it, and that's that it's AGP.

    Despite these minor draw backs, the Chaintech SA6600G is by far one of the most respectable GeForce 6600 GT products on the market today. The package is most impressive featuring two great full version gaming titles, along with a heap of software. Unlike the ASUS GeForce 6600 GT, this Chaintech product does feature an AV and HDTV output adapter. Chaintech even include a gaming pack; the CD features five gaming titles.

    Intrested? Okay, check the full review over here.
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    Cool. how much is it?

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