Computer Crash: Black Screen, Fans still running...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Czack, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Before I start, here are my system specs:
    • AMD Fx 8120 Eight Core Processor. (with stock cooling)
    • ASUS M5 A97 r2 motherboard
    • Nvidia GTX 550 ti x 2 (currently not in SLI, mobo won't do it. Both are connected though,and one has been allocated to PhysX)
    • WD 500 GB HDD 7200rpm
    • 16 GB Patriot DDR3 RAM
    • Rosewill 700w power supply
    • Windows 7 Home Premium
    • Stock dell mouse, keyboard, 23'' monitor
    • NZXT Phantom Full tower case

    Sorry, this is a bit of a read:

    I've been having this problem with my project rig since I got my Phantom case 2 years ago:
    At random times, the screen will suddenly go black and the computer is unresponsive. The lights are still on inside, the fans are all still running. Sound stops if any was playing during the time of the crash. No error messages are displayed, no crash reports, no blue screen. The computer cannot be turned off by holding the power button, and must have the PSU switch flicked. It occurs whether under heavy load or just idling.

    Here's what started it all:

    Back when I had gotten the NZXT case, I accidently plugged a case fan into an unmarked DI pin set and the fan's wire caught fire. I immediately shut the system off and took everything out of it. Besides the fan, nothing appeared to be damaged. Just to be safe though, I removed all the fan controls (completely out of the case, circuit board and all) and the cases top USB ports. I checked all other components for damage, and it seemed to be fine. Even the DI pins on the mobo looked untouched. When I booted up, everything worked fine for about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, this black screen problem started ocurring.

    Here's the curious bit: Since then, I have replaced all the computer components one by one. Everything.

    Here's what I replaced (in order) since the problem showed up a year and a half ago. Each time, the problem would show up again shortly afterwards or immediately. My specs uptop are the new components.

    MOBO and Processor (along with a fresh install of windows 7)

    So essentially, I have a brand new computer. Everything but the Monitor, Mouse, Case, and Keyboard have been replaced. If I boot without Mouse and Keyboard, the problem will still occur. The problem seems to occur a lot during certain periods of time, and then not at all for months.

    Here's what I know it isn't: Mobo, processor, graphics cards, psu, OS, hardrive, RAM, or overheating. (I've run monitors after crashes, everything was logged at really low temps at time of crash.) I've replaced all of the components of the first PC after the problem first showed up and it still happens!

    This problem doesn't seem to happen in safe mode, which is interesting.

    The only culprits left are the Monitor and the Case. There seems to be no other possible thing to investigate.

    My question is can either of these components cause a crash like this?
    Could my fire in a case fan somehow blown a fuse related to the case's power button? The cords seem to be fine, but these were fairly close to the fan that blew. Could the monitor somehow short out the computer?

    I've combed the internet this whole time with no answers. Sorry, I know this was a novel to read, but the problem is really specific. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.
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    do you install any OS in your system?

    According to your Statement:"This problem doesn't seem to happen in safe mode, which is interesting."
    It's not 2 more reason: of the Driver of Hardware make this problem ==> After new installing Dont install any Driver for Hardware just plug and play or Download new driver's all of your hardware.

    2.your operating system's dvd ,have a problem ==> Install any OS in your system like Opensuse or Ubuntu or XP
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    Does this computer (case) have a reset switch button ? Try switching the power switch button to the reset switch button to see if your main power switch is messed up...
    Also I would try another case to see if that works.... could be a Bad grounded case...
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    As I said, I have windows 7 premium.

    Since originally posting this some new things have happened.
    I installed new monitor drivers and it still kept crashing, even on safe mode this time. Then it even crashed in the bios.
    I've been using my laptop hooked up to the monitor no problem, so I believe it's the case somehow. I tried messing with the power button
    pins and it crashes in every configuration I've tried. I think the case seriously got messed up after that first use. I ordered a new coolermaster
    case today, and so after throwing everything in that, the entire original computer with the problem will be replaced. If the problem still is here after
    that...well...I call magic bs.
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    Nice Thread!!

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