Configuring a Ethernet hub kills a USB modem. Huh?

Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by ThePenguinCometh, Jun 21, 2005.

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    OK, someone explain this one. I was working on a Win 98SE computer that is connected o the Internet via a Speedtouch 300 ADSL modem and was trying to get a wireless access hub connected to it. The hub uses the on-board LAN connector while the modem uses a USB port. The hubs address is so I need to assign an IP address for the computer in the same network. In order to do so I first installed the necessary software, cleaned out what looked like useless junk from the device manager and went into Control Panel > Network and looked at what was installed. Per the screenshot (which I will attach as soon as the damn e-mail arrives) there are four protocols installed, one of these being TCP/IP across the Ethernet adaptor. Therefore I decided that what I needed to do was assign an IP address to that. Once I'd done this and restarted the computer I was able to ping the hub.

    All OK so far however the next time I went into IE I found that I'd lost the modem and wasn't able to connect to the Internet anymore. To cut a long story short myself and the ICT teacher whose computer I was playing around with then spent the next two hours repeatedly uninstalling and reinstlalling the software programs, the hardware drivers, etc. before somehow we got the modem going again.

    At this point I decided to proceed *very* carefully. After spending so long trying to fix the modem I was in no hurry to break it again. Again I went into Control Panel > Network, looked for the Ethernet device and assigned it an IP address. Now when I tried to connect to the Internet I was told "no dial tone", huh? Simply changing the setting from static IP address back to auto however fixed this problem but that meant that I could not configure the wireless hub anymore. So what that seems to mean is that I can either have an Internet connection with an auto-assigned IP address OR I can have a LAN connection with a static IP address, but not both, despite the fact that they occur across different connections. Is Win 98 really so stupid that it cannot have a DHCP-assigned USB modem and a static Ethernet connection or am I missing something here?
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    Pick out what you can from this because I only skimmed through your essay :)

    1st Question: How can your hub have an IP address? you mean the LAN connection that is active when you use it?

    Secondly, I stopped using Win 9x as soon as XP came out simply because of all the network, USB and Internet connection sharing issues that come with it. I have used dozens of 98 & 98SE systems and they have all messed me around with IP addressing *especially when trying to set up a static IP based network*

    My personal advice would be to get an ADSL router/firewall and this will sort out your problems.

    Hope this wasn't too useless for you.

    Chris :eek:hah:

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