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Discussion in 'New Build / Upgrade Advice' started by ryannP, Jan 10, 2012.

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    finally buying a new laptop, need some help though regarding the configuration. I'm a gamer, so basically that's what I'll be using it for - skyrim, diablo 3d, cod mw3 and I'm aware that I'd be better off just upgrading my desktop but I do need mobility because I'll also be working on it (3d rendering programs, a lot of multitasking). My budget is around $4000-5000, it's a serious investment, so I do need a durable rig and also storage is very important.
    advice on stores is also welcomed, I'm not really familiar with any of them, though I've heard good things about Horize still want to do a bit of research before deciding (storest in the USA or that ship worldwide, fine with me either way).

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    In my opinion the best gaming laptops on the market are from Falcon Northwest. The top of the line model fully loaded is over your budget but you could order it with everything besides the 3 hard drives option and add 2 more drives later, they are easily accessible.

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