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Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by Mjay, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I'm trying to conect the Xbox 360 to the PC so i can access the music and videos...

    i went through the process on the Xbox and got to the point where you go to computer and go to

    I don't really know why it's not working. trying to use the wifi adaptor to connect to the PC, does it work by going through the router?

    The Xbox connects via the wifi adaptor to the internet and the PC is a bit old but has XP and connects to the router by cable as it doesn't have built in wifi.

    can anyone basically give me any ideas what i need to do?

    Cheers in advance
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    That works if you have a Windows XP Media Center Edition. You want to access files on your computer get Windows Media Player 11 and go to Tools - Options

    When your there go to Library. and click configure sharing (turn on Xbox 360) and it should detect your Xbox 360. Click your Xbox 360 and press Allow. Now all you have to do is add all your music, picture and movie files to your Media Player library.

    Now when you go on your Xbox 360 go to for example video library and it should show your computer.

    Through a router is probably the best way to go make sure you got the following ports forwarded to your xbox 360:

    * TCP 80
    * UDP 88
    * UDP 3074
    * TCP 3074
    * UDP 53
    * TCP 53

    That is mainly used for xbox live but you never know. And for best speeds / quality it's probably best to Wire your Xbox 360.
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    or you can just use tversity

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