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Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by kakaEmad, May 5, 2015.

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    I have windows NT workstation 4.0 sp6 and XP, it's already installed in very old hardware (Pc), so i want your opinion to take this windows safe and put it in new hardware like (core i3) by backup or clone or any thing else like we will do it.

    so can we do it like i said , because the old hardware (CPU)s are totally different from new (CPU)s.

    So my question is can i backup my old system by (Norton Ghost, Acronis backup, Symantec ..etc) and put it in new hardware or new PCs???

    So can anybody tell me more detail and more discussion about this ,and what are the problems that i will face it, how can i solve it and passes from the problem??

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    The data, yes. Windows NT, not so much.
    I highly doubt NT is going to run on anything current as it probably hasn't been supported by Microsoft (and likely others) for 15+ years.

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