Cpu Underclock, Why?

Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by toniann, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Hello, it's first time when I post in this forum, sorry for my English, I'm Romanian.
    I overclocked my Pentium E2200 dual 2.2gHz at 2.8 gHz two months ago. Works perfectly ! After two months, I unplugged my pc (while it s off) because my cousin puts the hand into the pc, and it s dangerous. After I plugged it, BIOS shows processor frequency 2.2gHz, but when pc was on desktop I verified HWMonitor and frequency is 1.2gHz. I changed the battery, same problem. I tried and I tried a lot, nothing works.
    My pc works like a.... why it s underclocked?
    motherboard: p5l-mx
    OS: windows 10 x64
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    Put some load on CPU and frequency will rise.
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    It's a power-saving feature to run the CPU at a slower speed if full-power isn't needed.
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    I would suggest we check if the CPU fan is still running on that previous specs.

    I have seen some CPU fans failing and turning slower causing the CPU to drop on the performance as well.
    Maybe your cousin hand touch and pushed the fan and causing the fan leaves a bit bent and thus lower air pushing effectiveness.

    Hope this helps,
    Tech Support Manager

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