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Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by Xplisit, Jan 27, 2006.

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    I tried posting this at the official CS forums but no one even replied..

    Anyways, I downloaded a custom knife skin for CS Source and downloaded WinRAR, because I was told I needed it to extract the files to the cstrike folder. So I used WinRAR to do that. But when I try to connect to a server or create an offline game with bots, an error message comes up.. something like :

    "Server is enforcing consistency to this file.." then it shows the models/weapons/knife.bdl thingy.

    I'm really lost.. ANY suggests would be great..
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    can't use custom skins in Valve Anti-Cheat servers maybe?
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    Not all servers have that setting enabled - those using any of the custom skins mods won't, so you will be able to play on those fine.

    There isn't a lot you can do about it unfortunately, other than search around for a couple of servers that aren't enforcing ;).

    As for your own server, type in the console:

    sv_consistency 0

    and this will allow you to play on the server with custom skins.

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