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    Yeah, i finally am taking classes towards a computer networking degree, (well, in a month) but i am having some issues trying to figure out what i want to do as far as how much schooling i want to take. Yeah, i would like a Bachelors degree, over an Associates, but the only problem there is i can't find a transfer program from the community college around here, or more like there isn't one. The other issue is i really can't constitute going into dept like 30 grand rate now in my life. That and once i would graduate, i would be graduating into a state with the second highest unemployment rate in the nation (that translates into the second worst economy, four point below the national average) Yeah, i know i could just move, but i really don't want to move hundreds of miles away, when i owe a crap ton of money to some where thats a long ways away, that and deal with moving and figuring out how to pay for all that stuff, and have no support system. So, i am kinda confused on all of that, my half baked plan is to get a associates from the community college (which i can pay for myself out of pocket) and then get my foot in the door somewhere, and then try and go back for my bachelors. Sorry that was so long, just a lot of details.

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