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    [H]ard|OCP has DFI's NF4 SLI board on the review block today. It's one of the UV LanParty boards too with a box large enough to hide a human body---or close to it.

    It’s obvious from the layout of the board that DFI took the design of the nF4 SLI-DR board very seriously. They rearranged the normal layout of a few major components, allowing for an abundance of free space around all components including the area around the CPU. Notice that there are many aluminum heatsinks covering various chips around the board, as well as the fact that all plastic pieces on the board are UV reactant.

    Although it didn't get a Top Pick or other award, Kyle and the gang seemed to like this board pretty well. If you're looking for another nForce 4 SLI board for consideration, you might check out the review.
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    Just to add i built a machine with one of these boards over the last weekend, and its just amazing, i'd get one if i wasn't going away this friday when i get paid. - Which would also mean buying a new graphics card as well (its how good they are!)

    These new boards are incredibly incredibly good, the new Nforce 4 boards by DFI have to be the best boards on the market for overclocking, performance and stability.

    I Cannot recommend this enough :good:

    *Note this obviously has SLI (Dual PCI-e) at the moment there is no need for it.. buy 1 6600GT or 6800/GT/Ultra then when games start getting slow - upgrade (if you run games at max graphics all the time). Also remember that SLI (running 2 graphics cards - which have to be the same) isn't going to allow you to run new games that require newer technology (new vertex shaders / bit mappinge.t.c) at max, as you are still limited by the technology of the card.

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