Does PHP includes coding Language like C & C++

Discussion in 'Web Design & Programming' started by noel001, May 3, 2012.

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    I want to learn PHP & I am new in this IT field so please give me the suggestions ....from where I need to start PHP , What is the Procedure . Is It requirement to learn C & C++ first.

    If you have web address of Good tutorial than it would be great for me.

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    C, C++ , and Php look very much alike, so it's almost irrelevant which one you should learn first. Php has a very different use as a programming language than C, C++. Php is run on server, so, no matter how much C++ you know, you don't know half of Php's functionalities. So, if you are new to programming:
    1. C is out of the question. C is non-objective programming language, and learning it, unless you want to be an absolute pro is almost useless. C++ has everything that C has, + Object Oriented Programming, which is indispensable for any decent app development (C is a bit faster though, but that shouldn't concern you unless you're an absolute pro)
    2. If you want to learn the depths of programming, maybe it would be useful to start with some c++. Because Php runs on servers, it's not very easy to write small programs, like calculations for the smallest common multiple of some numbers, or to test if the number is prime. etc. If you need to learn this kind of algorythmic, then learn some c++.
    3. If you only want PhP, start with Php. It's very intuitive, has syntactic sugar (easy readable), the libraries are massive, etc. The only downside, is that you must have an webpage that gathers data, and sends it to the server, and then shows it back, which each application, no matter how small. And you also need an virtual server machine. If you want further detalies, ask me, and i'll tell you how i learn the very small amount of php that i know.
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    Exactly, you can download some very nice tutorials on php and C++ by visiting this website, you will definitely enjoy these tutorials!
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    PHP not exactly include c and c++ but yes there is quite similarity between this languages so i would learn language as per they have come like first C, then C++ and then PHP.

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