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    im bulding a new rig, mainly for adobe photoshop, and illustrator.along with some games, ive been told i should get ati x1950 pro, which is better than nvidia 8800gt. is this true? also are these cards dx10, so should i not bother waiting for the dx10.

    if it dx10 is worth geting what dx10 should i get?:D
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    No Radeon cards currently available are DX10. The only DX10 capable cards are the GeForce 8 series. The 8800's are the fastest. Of these, there are the 8800GTS and the 8800GTX. The GTX is the fastest chip out there.

    At best the X1950Pro keeps up with the GTS, but typically not. The GTX is simply out of the question, so the info about the X1950 being better is incorrect. DX10 aside, the 8800's are the fastest cards you can buy right now.

    Depending on the games you play, a high-end DX10 card may or may not be for you. Right now, DX10 games are not available, and you won't see them till quite a bit later this year. Even then, DX10 probably won't be required, and these games will be pretty scarce. DX10 is also Vista-only. However, the 8800's are also DX9 compliant, and they smoke everything else available.

    I don't know what games you play, but in general, if it's not an FPS game, a DX10 card is going to be largely wasted. Photo editing programs rely on the CPU and RAM, so any video card you can buy right now is going to be more than enough for Photoshop and Illustrator.

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