Enermax "9 Days of Giveaways" Contest

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    Enermax "9 Days of Giveaways" Contest

    Frag Dominant and Enermax USA are proud to announce that we will be hosting another giveaway contest. This giveaway will take course on March 28th and go through until the 5th of April. The prizes we will be giving away are 3 Enermax Cluster UCCL12 Fans, 3 Enermax Everest UCEV12 Fans, and 3 Enermax Magma UCMA12 Fans.

    Interested in wining one of these exclusive fans? Follow the short simple steps below.


    1. Register on our website.

    2. Appear in our mIRC channel.

    3. Claim your prize.

    Pretty simple, right?

    Please note that in order to win one of these exclusive fans you must register on our website in FULL, which means retrieving your confirmation code from your email and setting up your profile. You must also be present in our mIRC channel on the GameSurge Network at #Frag`Dominant. If you fail to show and your name is called, your prize will be put back on the rack. Winners will be chosen at random once the time hits 12 AM EST for all 9 days.

    Best of luck to all entrants! Thanks for all your support over the past year. Enjoy our Enermax "9 Days of Giveaways" Contest!

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