Epox 8RDA3+ Review

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    Abbas at T-Break has Epox latest nForce 2 board on the table.

    Leaving the MCP/-T argument aside, we do find the 8RDA3+ quite loaded with features. As we mentioned earlier, the board features two NICs- both powered by Realtek controllers which would make this board a good choice to be used as a Gateway between your LAN and broadband connection. The 8RDA3+ also features two Serial-ATA connectors powered by Silicon Image and three IEE1394 headers powered by the Agere controller. Lastly, onboard audio is powered by CMIMedia which does a decent job of providing 5.1 audio, however, we wouldÂ’ve preferred the MCP-T and SoundStorm technology.

    Obviously, this is a pretty loaded motherboard despite the use of the older MCP. Anyway, they seemed to like it, and it's worth the read. Review

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