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    Keep in mind that it is not an easy task to migrate Exchange to Office 365. It is essential to migrate Exchange to Office 365 quickly and correctly.

    It is also possible to migrate manually using Hybrid migration, Cutover migration, or Staged migration. However, they come with some restrictions and are not compatible with large mailboxes for migration. Then I considered Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool, a professional third-party method to migrate Exchange to Office 365.

    Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool:

    Using this tool, you can easily migrate Exchange to Office 365 while maintaining data integrity and folder hierarchy. It has a simple interface for everyone to use. It has multiple features. Examples include:

    Incremental Export option:

    The user needs to check this option within the tool. If the process gets interrupted, it helps to resume the process and prevent duplication.

    Other Highlights:
    • It allows adding single/multiple mailboxes to migrate them to Office 365.
    • It has email translation and folder mapping features.
    • Users can use it to migrate Exchange mailboxes to PST.
    • It holds more convenient options like Search and Filter options and gives a preview of data before processing.
    • A free trial edition of the Exchange to Office 365 migration can assure the features and efficiency.
    For more details, visit:-

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