Extending Height of Tables + adding Animated buttons?

Discussion in 'Web Design & Programming' started by Willz, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Hi, doing some work for college here, my teacher seems to hardly know anything about HTML, anyway I decided to improve my so far crappy web page for the project, but my teacher is useless so I thought I would give here a Try.

    What I want to do is make the table with the image taller, but I want to 2 links I have so far to still be close to each other, at the moment it seems like they are very far apart. Also how do I add Animated buttons?

    Also when I increase the height of the table, the centered image in the middle move down too and I dont want this to happen. Also the image doesent fully show, only part of it does, so I need to make it fit the table.

    Code I got so far:

    <TITLE> Home </TITLE>
    <BODY BGCOLOR = Green>
    <P><center><U><B><font size="8">THIS IS MY PAGE</font></B></U></center></P>
    <marquee><font size=10><font face="Arial"><font color="blue">Hello, this is my website :D</font></font></font></marquee>
    <table BORDER=0 WIDTH=25%  height="35%" ELEMENT BACKGROUND =milhouse07.gif table>
    <td WIDTH=25%><center>Navigation</center></td>
    <td WIDTH=25%><a href= About_The_Simpsons.html> <b><font Face="Arial"> <Font color="Black">About The Simpsons</font></b> </a href></td>.
    <td WIDTH=25%><a href= More_About_The_SImpsons.html><font Face="Arial"> <Font color="Black"><b>Even More About The Simpsons</b></font> </a href> </td>
    <center>This is a website about the simpsons</center>
    <center> <img src="jeff.bartbike.gif"Border=3 Alt="bart with sunglasses" >  </center>
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    For the navigation bit you could do something like this: (take note of the highlights)
       <td WIDTH=25%>[COLOR="Red"]
            <div>[/COLOR]<a href=[COLOR="Red"]"[/COLOR]About_The_Simpsons.html[COLOR="Red"]"[/COLOR]>[COLOR="Red"]<font Face="Arial" color="Black" size="2">[/COLOR]<b>About The Simpsons</b></font> </a>[COLOR="Red"]</div>[/COLOR]
    	[COLOR="Red"]<div>[/COLOR]<a href=[COLOR="Red"]"[/COLOR]More_About_The_SImpsons.html[COLOR="Red"]"[/COLOR]>[COLOR="Red"]<font Face="Arial" color="Black" size="2">[/COLOR]<b>Even More About The Simpsons</b></font> </a>[COLOR="Red"]</div>[/COLOR]
    Inserting animated images is basically the same as inserting an ordinary static image.

    <img src="animated.gif">
    Regarding the increasing of the table height, I dont get that bit sorry.

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