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Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by synchro_w, Aug 23, 2004.

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    i have farcry installed. it seems to run fine then begins getting a big sluggish, with small pauses in the gameplay, after about 30 minutes. i've done some tests with 3dmark and pcmark and my scores for my system are very poor.

    i have an AN7 guru, 3200 athlon XP barton, 2 x sticks of 'Crucial' pc3200 ddr ram running at dual ddr, 'Crucial' Radeon9800 Pro 128mb, Dx9.0c, catalyst 4.9 beta, built in nvidia soundchip soundstorm, built in LAN [on 1.5mb cable connection], nforce2 ultra 400 mobo chipset drivers, IDE samsung 120gb hdd, with winXP Pro SP1 fully updated. hdd regularly defragged. registry regularly cleaned with regcleaner and easycleaner2.

    there are no overclocked components. ram settings are set to default/safe.
    does anyone know why my system should run so slow - compared to other and lesser systems?

    note: i used to have a GA7dxr mobo, with Geforce 4 Ti4200, pci128 s/card built in, IBM 40gb hdd, winXP Pro Sp1 and athlon 1800XP and this system ran really well. obviously i didn't use FSAA nor AF much as the Ti4000 series card doesn't support them as well as more modern cards but i'm finding even with FSAA and AF set to 2x the new system doesn't run very well.

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    I'm not sure I'd be running the 4.9 Catalyst's just yet. They were released to help performance under D00M 3, so that could be the problem. Actually, Omega Drivers has a tweaked version of the Cat4.8's available right now, and these are tweaked a little more for gaming. I'd try 'em.
    I'd also try some newer nForce drivers.

    Personally, I'm very wary of registry cleaning tools. In my experience, they've tended to fix things that didn't need it, and quickly hosed the registry. One of the signs was slow downs. Only way I found to fix it was to not use the tools, and then go ahead and reinstall Windows.

    You probably have, but if you swapped motherboards underneath your Windows install (and then didn't reinstall afterwards), that can cause all sorts of hell. Only real solution here would be to backup your stuff and then reinstall Windows.

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