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Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by afidelino, May 12, 2005.

  1. afidelino

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    Does anyone of you lads are using Bulldog Broadband???
    Just moved into a new flat and im thinking of subscribing with Bulldog...
    Any feedback pls...
  2. Sniper

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    I've heard good and bad things about them, it seems their customer service/support is be very bad. Though it could be much improved now, I read some complainst some time back.

    I think they have a one month contract option, if so its best to try them out. They do have good deals on their 4MB connection.

    I'm with freedom2surf who are quite good, for £25/month you get 50GB transfer limit, which is plenty.
  3. Nic

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    Yeh most of the reviews I heard was that the initial connection is great and the speed is good but customer support is bad. Bearing in mind ive only read 2 or 3 reviews of these ppl

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